Dec 8, 2009

Halifax Crafters Winter Market

After days upon days of sleepless nights of frantic crafting, we finally made it to the Halifax Crafters winter market. It was the biggest show yet for the crafters' and our most successful show to boot!

It was Katherine's first time out and she had a wonderful array of new work all produced this fall in the studios.

Sprig detailed shot glasses

Slip-cast mug with lace detailing

Tailor-made bowl - large

Tailor-made bowl - medium

This was Kat's fifth show with Halifax Crafters. As a seasoned vet of the crafters community, Kat was invited to design and help print the posters for the show. This design was one of a few new debuts for Kat. While in the studios she also developed a new line of screen-printed textile objects.

Limited edition run - Halifax Crafters T-shirts

Milk-crate paper weight

Hand-printed milk-crate doorstop (that's right! 4 pounds of pure door stopping power!)

A few well earned bruises later and the mighty crafters returned home for days, nay weeks of well deserved r & r.

Dec 2, 2009

Halifax Crafters Winter Market

This coming weekend Katherine and Kat will be selling their products at the halifax crafters market at the Olympic center, 2304 Hunter street.
Stop by to check out their screen-printed textiles and ceramic wares.