Nov 24, 2010


What a great time I had with Anke, Julia, Allen, Michelle and Sarah.
We all like to get down and get muddy.
Worked hard and overtime, about 15 pieces came to life in the end.
Some wonderful platters made with clay slabs and cardboard moulds by Michelle,
Sarah had a great natural sense of building skills which allowed her to build her complicated Bauhaus style vase without much of my help.
Inspired by vases during Arts and Crafts Movement in North America, Julia never gave up on the wheel to create her perfect shape, which has been decorated with a beatiful pine cone motif. While Julia struggled away on the wheel, Anke was also struggling with her overflowing ideas. A local glass artist from the Peer gallery, Anke brought in a bin full of found objects to create interesting textures on the surface of clay and made several pieces that would also be involved in her glass forming process.
Allen, the gentleman of the workshop, came with a purpose: to make a pawn!
His past time story of his serendipidous relationship with clay through his mother's pottery class was a heart warming story. His cherished hand-made chess pieces were his motivation to be working in different models and moulds.
We will be glazing our pieces on our next workshop date, and I'm looking forward to seeing them again.


Nov 17, 2010

Hello Everyone!

We have been rather negligent with our blog so far. From then on hopefully we can remember to take the time to update you on all the wonderful things we have been up to.

Settling here was easy and fun. The apartment is cozy and charming, especially with all of Rebecca's quirky and sweet decorative fancies. We have a huge kitchen in which we love to cook and bake. Sharing meals helped us getting to know each other and still brings us together to discuss and share some laughs. Quickly, we made the studios our own havens of creation, and it is now part of our everyday and night hang-out spot. When the weather was still warm and sunny, we had our bay doors open and met lots of kind souls, often accompanied with their dogs. We had to get dog treats!

In September, we had our first Open-Studio event, where we invited the town to come enjoy some wine and home-made snacks meet us and see our work. It was very successful, and lots of fun. We have many supporters who encourage us and our practice, and even have us over for delicious dinners form time to time. We certainly haven't been lonely or bored so far. There is always something to plan, see or do. Last Saturday, we all went to see the Youth Orchestra at the St-John's Anglican Church, thanks to Senator Wilfred Moore who offered us tickets. This week and the next, we are having different classes from the Lunenburg Academy to visit our studios. We are also planning our workshops with them, as well as a series we will be offering to Centre Consolidated High School. George is preparing his upcoming community workshop here at the studio. Rebecca attends a quilting group and is active amongst the Second Story Woman's Centre. Amelie begins a weekly private workshop in response to a keen woman's interest in painting. All of us are also spending as much time as possible in our studios working on a body of work that will be displayed in the Port Campus in February.

See you later and thanks for checking our blog! More pictures coming up soon!

Nov 2, 2010


Although it was relatively a quiet night, we wish more kids come next year.
Belated Happy Halloween from the Black Widow, the Zombie, and the Mask.