Mar 23, 2010

Bridgewater Brownies

Back in February we had the Bridgewater Brownies stop by for a quick visit!

Thanks girls we had a lot of fun. Tawit Tawit Tawoo!

Mar 16, 2010

Linen Weaving Workshop at the Kedge Weavers Guild

On the morning of February 15, 2010 Linda Maxwell and I loaded up her silver sedan with a table loom, weaving tools, and show-and-tell items for the linen weaving workshop at the Kedge Weavers Guild.

Crossing the LaHave river to Darlene's house, the group assembled around the fire, a warm welcome from the snow and grey skies outside. Asking the women about their experience weaving linen I listened to numerous stories of linen weaving projects gone wrong. In response I discussed the properties of linen, the structure of the fibre, and linen weaving tips.

Inspired by Mrs. Hill’s last weaving, a Bronson lace design, the loom was warped with a fine white linen in a simple patterned weave. The loom is currently making its way to the weaving studios of various guild members so that each member may weave a short table runner. If you would like to view the work of these talented and enthusiastic weavers, watch for a show and sale hosted by the Kedge Weavers Guild this summer.

Written by Jennifer Green
photo credit Linda Maxwell