Nov 4, 2009

Art and the Community with Susan Hudson

On Tuesday October 27, Susan Hudson led a public discussion on "Art and the Community" at the Lunenburg library. The three of us were invited to participate and share our experiences as recent graduates of a Fine Art university who are currently involved in community outreach programming.

It was certainly inspiring to hear the general support for community arts initiatives. While there was also discussion about the need for increased financial support from all the levels of government we feel privileged that the NSCAD Lunenburg Residency Program has received such generous funding at the Municipal level and that this doesn't go unnoticed by the community. As our time here continues, we are becoming more aware of the strength of the arts community which has taken root here and hope that Lunenburg can continue to gain recognition as a thriving arts centre.

To read more about NSCAD's focus on art and the community, check out the recently released 2009 President's Report which includes a feature on the NSCAD Lunenburg Residency Program.

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