Nov 2, 2009

An Introduction - our first open house

Already a month has passed since our September open house so we thought it was about time to post some pictures of our overwhelmingly successful evening.

The evening was entitled An Introduction and was the debut of our new studio set up as well as some art work to the Lunenburg community.

We had a great turnout of both Lunenburgers and NSCAD supporters and had a chance to meet many warm and welcoming individuals. Specifically we'd like to thank Senator Moore for his support for the program and to Sharon Blanchard and Joann Reynolds- Farmer of the NSCAD Extended Studies Department who helped facilitate the event.

Jennifer Green's studio space

Kat Frick Miller's studio space

Katherine Thomas's studio space

While we don't know exactly how many attendees there were we do know that we didn't have a single pickle or smoked mackerel h'orderve left at the end of the evening so we're calling it a success.

photos by Joann Reynolds-Farmer and Kat Frick Miller

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