Apr 19, 2010

Lunenburg Chowder Club Presentation

In early April we gave a presentation to the Lunenburg Chowder Club at the St. Johns Anglican Church Hall, bringing awareness of the residency program to another branch of the Lunenburg Community.

The presentation was introduced by town Mayor Mawhinney and Senator Wilfred Moore who both spoke about how the program was initiated.

Sharon Blanchard represented NSCAD University's School Of Extended Studies and gave an overview of the specifics of the program.

And for some final food for thought (even though they had already had a bowl of chowder) we spoke about our time here thus far and our plans for the rest of our year in Lunenburg.

Together with the Friends of the NSCAD-Lunenburg Community Studio Residency Program we arranged a small showcase highlighting our own work, as well as that done by previous residents.

Thank you to everyone who came out for a great lunch and to hear our talk - we really appreciate all the interest that the community here has in the residency.

For another look at the presentation check out this article on Southshorenow.ca


Photo credit: Garry Woodcock

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